How It Works

Getting Started

Get started with Kotoba Kards by answering a few questions and potentially taking a placement test, to help Kotoba Kards understand your overall learning goals as well as get an idea of what Japanese you already know.

Learn Kanji & Vocabulary

Learn both Kanji and vocabulary through Kotoba Kard’s unique three-part notecards. The spaced repetition system (SRS) will bring periodically bring these words up for review to ensure you remember the words you are learning.

Learn Grammar Points

Learn grammar by reading a short lesson that includes example sentences customized to only include words you’ve already learned. Then, answer some review questions to ensure your comprehension of the lesson. The SRS will also bring previously learned grammar lessons up for review on occasion as well!

You Set the Pace

You decide how quickly you want to learn Japanese – whether you have aggressive goals or just want to casually in your spare time. With Kotoba Kards, you can set how many words and grammar points you want to learn at a time (with recommendations for each based on your goals), but also caps how many words and grammar points you can have at level 1 to ensure you’re retaining what you’re learning.

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